Gift Aid

When buying your ticket in admissions, you’ll be asked whether you would like to Gift Aid. You may wonder why you’d want to add further costs to your ticket price, however every penny that is donated through Gift Aid goes straight into our charitable programmes to support vulnerable people.

Your Gift Aid will:

• Reduce isolation for an older person to access our drop-in, make friends and improve their mental well-being;

• Enable children to learn the importance of a healthy lifestyle, reducing childhood obesity;

• Deliver ground-breaking education to children and young people around substance misuse – increasing resilience and reducing anti-social behaviour;

• Provide opportunities for vulnerable people to increase their employment chances;

• Allow those with Dementia, and their carers, to access provision that stimulates their mental capabilities which allows them to manage and live with their condition;

• Create beautiful garden spaces to be enjoyed by communities, schools and charities alike.

Please visit our programmes pages to find out more.