Roots and Shoots

In partnership with the NHS, the Roots and Shoots Programme provides 10 schools each year with the opportunity to take part in a full horticultural programme, throughout the gardening season.

Through practical sessions , children increase their knowledge around healthy eating and the importance of having an active lifestyle, where they develop their own gardening skills to use at school and home.  For many, this is the first time they have done any gardening and for some, it is eye-opening to discover where vegetables come from!

The programme is fun and engaging and works to combat obesity at an age where it will have the most impact on their health and dietary habits. It is a critical time to continue this work as childhood obesity is on the rise within the UK, especially Northumberland. Our programme is the perfect way to tackle this as well as working with children to develop a keen interest in gardening and the outdoors.

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Roots and Shoots Garden

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Roots and Shoots Map
The Gentlemens Garden Young Gardeners Roots and Shoots Observation Bee Hive