It has been 20 years since the first visitors
entered the gates of The Alnwick Garden.

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This year we want to celebrate all the reasons why your visits have made the last 20 years so great! We are not just The Alnwick Garden, we are your Alnwick Garden.

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Our Story

  • 1996

    I’ve had an idea…

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  • 1997/1998

    Wirtz it all about?

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  • 2001 October

    Open for Business

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  • 2002 September

    A Royal Visit

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  • 2003 January

    A visit from Charlie

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  • 2003 November

    It’s like a Treehouse – just bigger

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  • 2004 November

    Don’t step on the grass

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  • 2005 January

    Poisons, Play and Puzzles

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  • 2008 February

    Blooming Lovely

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  • 2011 June

    A Garden Party to remember

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  • 2012 November

    Sparkle and Shine

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  • 2016 August

    A Great Gate

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  • 2017 July

    Play a round

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  • 2018 February

    Battling the Beast

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  • 2019 March

    Another world’s first

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